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About Us

Pathfinder Publications Limited is a UK Registered Enterprise. We are an information publishing company. We are information product developers and publishers . We seek to develop and provide you with information products of the highest quality.

We firmly believe that knowledge is power.

The complexities of modern life means there will always be problems waiting to be solved. If you were then provided with factual knowledge on how to solve a problem or improve a situation personally yourself or provided with knowledge of someone or a resource that could help you, then that situation will become one less thing to worry about.

That is where Pathfinder Publications Limited comes in. We will not just create or market information products, we will provide solutions. Solutions that will ease many of life worries, be it in business, health or any other aspects of life.

The solutions we will offer you will be tried and tested, proven to provide success in the global market place. As our name suggests we want to define the path to your success with our fine products or product recommendations.

The information products we do are real, practical, believable, genuine, trusted, transparent and above all, value for money.

We at Pathfinder Publications Limited are open to do business with you. Your satisfaction is our joy. If you want to explore the possibility of joint venture with us, we will consider your proposal and if it meets our criteria, then clearly we have to take it forward. We will offer advice where we can within the limits of our ability on how your business can progress or your health can improve. We are keen to see you succeed because success in your endeavour represents our pride. It makes our business all the more thrilling. We are also open to suggestions that will improve our service to you.

Please do remember to send us your testimonials if you find our products useful. This will tell us we are doing the right thing. Lastly, our aim is to provide you with a first class service that is second to none and rewarding to both you and us. We do also welcome any useful suggestions you may have for us regarding our website. We look forward to your custom.

Please take time to navigate our website.


Joe Francis



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