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Bananas Calories


One of the most popular fruits around is the banana. It is a lovely fruit that is enjoyed by a lot of people and should in fact be one of your recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day.

The good news is that bananas calories are such that you are unlikely to bump your daily calorie count out of line.


The banana fruit is made up of carbohydrate, fat and protein but the protein and fat content are really low. In fact only 1% of the total calorie content of the fruit is from protein and the fat content is even less than 1% which means the bulk of it is made up of carbohydrate.


…and the carbohydrate in it is made up of starch and simple sugars. The green bananas calories are mainly from the complex carbohydrate which is the starch and as the banana ripens, the simple sugar component rises exponentially and the starch levels become reduced.

The dried bananas calories content (i.e the level of starch or simple sugar) will therefore depend on what ripening stage the fruit was before it was dried.


Generally speaking, this is one fruit that is fairly easy to digest and it has the inherent ability to release energy when consumed in a slow and steady format.

Information regarding bananas calories count, fat, carbs, protein is given below for the raw fruit, the mashed type and the dehydrated variety.


Bananas have very low saturated fat and cholesterol, high vitamin C and B6, high fibre content, high potassium but very low sodium levels.


Raw banana fruit

Weight Fat Protein Carbs Calories 
81 gm (baby banana < 6” long)  0.3gm  0.98gm 18.5gm 72 Cal
101 gm (small size 6-7” long)    0.3gm 1.1gm 23.1gm 90 Cal
120 gm (medium size 7-8” long)  0.4gm 1.3gm 27.4gm 107 Cal
136 gm (large size 8-9” long) 0.4gm 1.5gm 31.1gm 121 Cal


I cup of mashed banana = 225 gm

Fat 0.7 gm
Protein 2.5 gm
Carbohydrate 51.4 gm
Calories 200 cal   


Dehydrated or dried banana calories = 100 gm

Fat 1.8 gm
Protein 3.9 gm
Carbohydrate 88.3 gm
Calories 346 cal   


The steady release of energy is what I like about the banana fruit and for me personally, I love to have 1 large banana fruit 1 hour before embarking on an exercise regime. The good news is that I can easily burn off the bananas calories with a good workout and my calorie balance won't be derailed.


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