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Calorie Tracker or Calorie Counter Software

It could be very frustrating when you want to lose those unwanted pounds of weight and you find it pretty difficult to keep track of your calorie intake and your calorie output...

...and this is one task that is crucial to your success. With our busy schedules in modern day life, there is enough to think about and remember, so it makes sense to get whatever help is available out there.


That is where a calorie counter tracker that not only assists you with your weight loss comes in handy, but should in real time simplify the process.

So what features should your fat burning tracking software have for it to facilitate your fat loss journey in both the medium and long term?


Here is my guide to a good calorie tracker software.

  • It is essential that your nutrition and fitness software should have a well oiled nutrition panel. You should be able to compensate for under-eating the following day if you choose to, without disrupting your body fat loss goal.


  • There should be real time nutrition plan calculation and this calculation should preferably be based on previously logged data.


  • When you log your bodyweight, your food calorie tracker or diet software should compare your food logs and bodyweight changes and re-calculate your calorie expenditure to match it with the current results. That will make future predictions more and more accurate after each successive bodyweight log. Indeed what I’m saying here is that the software should be a calorie tracker with feedback intelligence and capability.


Crosstrainer nutritional template


  • Your nutrition and fitness software or assistant should have modules for both strength training and cardio workouts and it should enable you monitor and track these activities in both a parallel and integrated approaches.


  • Your calorie counter software should be programmed to 'predict' your weight the next day, and should learn your metabolism. This adds a level of expectation and it should be a joy to discover that your body works like a finely tuned clock; if you do the right thing – it should respond in an expected manner.


  • How many calories you have had for the day and how much is left for that day should be calculated in real time by your diet and fitness software. Besides all the three major foods i.e fat, carbohydrate and protein should be represented separately in the calculations.
    Whenever you don't find a meal in the nutrition database you should have the capability to put in all the information by yourself.


  • Quite apart from your calorie counter being easy to use by everyone including a computer novice, it should also have all that important feature of giving you that flexibility to eat what you like without compromising or derailing your weight loss journey.
    Data entry should be very easy and you should be able to view your stats and calendar in one window for easy analysis.


  • Your fitness tracking software should allow multiple users, so family members can all have access, each having their own accounts on the software.


  • Above all, such a calorie tracking software should automate every possible diet and fitness tracking task for you...Reveals how to get to your target weight on the target date...Saves you time and makes weight control easier and more effective...


  • Oh, one more thing…there should be ready support when you need it, just in case.


  • I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that with so many software available on the internet, it can be difficult to find the gems from the rough, and you also want to make sure any software you download to your computer is free from adware and spyware.


Crosstrainer screenshot


Can one really find such a user-friendly software that fulfils those criteria and yet be accessible to keen weight loss enthusiasts? Of course you can...

.....and it’s aptly named Crosstrainer Fitness software. 


Now if you are still unsure, my advice is to simply download this calorie tracker, use it, test it for yourself and see if you like it or not. If it doesn’t satisfy your needs, just uninstall it.

 If it does...and I’m sure it will, just enjoy it and start shedding those unwanted pounds whilst keeping things really you can get on with your life.


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