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Are You Looking For Info About Phen375 Coupon, Cheap Phen375 and Phen375 Scams?


This article should help….


It’s no secret that to get a popular product on the cheap, you seek out the product’s coupon and you get what you want inexpensively. It is an old marketing technique that has generated a lot of sales for companies for years.


The manufacturers of phen375 are no exception to this technique. They issued a huge number of phen375 coupons to generate sales online and indeed thousands of people got themselves cheap phen375 slimming pills as a result.

Many customers who bought cheap phen375 or shall we say bought phen375 inexpensively got very good weight loss results. You will recall that phen375 or phentemine375 is a re-formularized fat burning pill that has proven itself to work consistently if you follow the plan the manufacturers provide on purchase.


The downside of phen375 slimming pill is that it is not the cheapest pill on the market. The cost or price of phen375 is $69.95 per bottle which was why the coupons were issued to boost sales and recruit more customers who have now become repeat customers.

As it happens, this is where unscrupulous individuals have come in with their devious phen375 scam plan. The idea behind this phentemine375 scam is to lure customers into getting coupons that lead to the sale of fake phen375 pills.


Naturally, pills purchased from these phentemine375 scams did not provide the desired weight loss results as they are imitations.

Well, the company has now withdrawn or shall we say discontinued the phentemine375 coupons and in its place, now has a super deal offer available only from its official website. The deal involves getting 30 free pills (1 bottle) when you buy a certain amount of pills and that is official.

So, please note that the super deal now replaces the coupons. Period!


Another type of phen375 scam has to do with the name of the product. There are so many similar products out there with very similar names that it is easy to get confused about the real product you are after.

Just be careful about the spelling and please note the spelling… is what you look out for in terms of the spelling – phen375 (not phen37.5), or phentemine375 (not phentermine with an “r” or all the other variations of phentemine you will come across). They are not the same and you won’t have the same weight loss results.


We take time out to answer some of the questions that have bothered a lot of potential buyers from our online research like:


Is phen375 sold in stores?

At the present time, phen375 is not sold in stores as far as we know from our research and it is only available for purchase online. The company ships the product from Texas, in the USA and would ship the product internationally to most countries except Zimbabwe, Libya, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan & Yemen.


If you live in Europe or North America, you can buy phentemine375 online and if you are wondering if you can purchase or buy phen375 in stores, my advice will be to order it online from their official website here and it will be shipped to you, to arrive at your door within 5 – 10 days.


The company uses United States Postal Service (Priority Mail) and in fact, you can track your order on their website to monitor progress of your package.

At the moment, if you buy phen375, there is no guaranteed next day delivery service. If you live in the USA, you can expect your order to arrive within 2 – 3 days but international orders would take 5 – 10 days.


How much is phen375 slimming pill?

The price of phen375 is $69.95 per bottle but of course as stated earlier there is a super deal offer where you get a free bottle when you order a certain amount of the diet pill and this reduces the cost considerably.


Don’t fall for cheaper or imitation phen375 scams where you get sold inferior cheap quality phen375 pills that won’t work, making you waste your money.

It is not the cheapest of diet pills by any means but our research has shown that phentemine375 does work especially if you follow the weight management plan that comes with it. If you want to read our full review of phen375, go here.





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