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Does Quick Trim Work; Are You Looking To Buy Quick Trim and Looking For QuickTrim Reviews?

One of the products that shot on to the market in 2009 was quick trim. There are so many weight loss supplements on the market nowadays that you are always left to wonder what works or what doesn’t.


So, if you are looking to buy quick trim and really want to find out the answer to the question; does quick trim work, then you will find this article to be one of the most comprehensive quicktrim reviews online and hopefully should help you reach a decision.

So buckle up, you are in for a wild ride….our findings will shock you.


What is quick trim diet program by the way?

Quick trim is a 2-phase weight loss program. You start with a quick trim 14-day program which involves a cleansing program that detoxifies your system. This part of the program encourages diuresis as well as getting rid of all the bulky stuff from your intestines.

A second part of the quick trim 14-day program is designed to enable you burn calories, hence it is called cleanse and burn.Quick_Trim


The quick trim diet package includes a supplement shake, a gel that helps your body get rid of cellulite, a cleansing product and diet pills.

Detoxification means you rid your body of solid and liquid wastes and you feel less bloated.


There is an option of a 48-hour program super diet detox program which is more or less a crash dieting program suitable for emergencies if you’ve got an event coming up soon and you want to look your best.

When you have completed the initial quick trim cleanse and burn over the 14-day period (or 48-hour period if you choose the crash option), you move on to the quick trim extreme burn to assist you with your target weight loss goals. This second part of the program is where you actually grab the benefits of the system.

The cost of quick trim cleanse and burn is $39.90 for the starter kit and the price for the 14-day quick trim cleanse and extreme burn is $55.90 in total cost.


What are the ingredients in quick trim?

The manufacturers of quick trim have put together a blend of quick trim ingredients that combine both artificial additives along with natural ingredients.


The quick trim ingredients we uncovered are black pepper, capsimax, white willow, caffeine, extracts from green tea. The drink contains chorella, seaweed, barley grass and promegranate.

Quick trim extreme burn ingredients include blueberry, grapes, cinnamon, raspberry and green tea extracts which to all intents and purposes are natural. It also contains FD&C blue 2, FD&C red 40 and metabromine.


Don’t forget the diuretic effects of quick trim brought about by the iso-flush and this iso-flush contains ingredients like juniper berry, uva ursi and extracts from horse-tail. As we said earlier, this is one of the most comprehensive quicktrim reviews and we will talk about the implications of these quick trim ingredients a little later.


How can I lose weight on quick trim diet pills?

Well, the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe gave quick trim their wholehearted endorsement and claimed to have lost weight whilst using these products.


The idea behind the quick trim diet plan is that you cleanse your system of waste, both solid and liquid first. You then incorporate exercise in the plan to burn calories hence burning fat.

Then you take the quick trim diet pills to boost your metabolism which will assist your efforts from the exercise plan.


How are quick trim supplements different from other diet pills?

Good question! We tried in the course of researching this quicktrim review to find a distinguishing feature of the Kardashian weight loss plan but we honestly could not find any.

It is a cleanse your system and burn calories type of product. There are other products on the market with similar attributes, so nothing special about quick trim really.


Is quick trim suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

As far we can tell, quick trim is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as most of the ingredients are natural.


Can I take quick trim diet pills or supplements if I have a thyroid problem?

The manufacturers say you should seek advice from your doctor if you’ve got a thyroid problem before you take quick trim pills.


Let’s save you the trip to your doctors, by saying, individuals with underactive or overactive thyroid problem or disease should not use quick trim looking at the ingredients. We won’t advise you to use quick trim if you are diabetic as well.

Use this weight loss supplement instead, if you’ve got thyroid disease or suffer from diabetes.


Does quick trim affect birth control?

If you are using hormonal birth control, then we will advise you not to use quick trim diet pills. Some of the ingredients of quick trim affect liver function and this will certainly have an effect on your birth control pill metabolism or injections. So in a nutshell, quick trim is not suitable for contraceptive users.

If you are on hormonal birth control or contraception and you want to shed pounds off your body, use this natural weight loss pill instead.


How do I take quick trim supplements?

Quick trim supplements are best taken between the main meals. You take two quick trim pills between breakfast and lunch and another two tablets between lunch and dinner.

You need to drink lots of water whilst taking this diet pill though.


Where can I buy quick trim diet pills supplements?

Quick trim manufacturers have a distribution network for the product but it is a lot more convenient to buy quick trim online as you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

They have a very secure payment processor that protects your personal and payment details, so you can buy quick trim online with confidence. If you are looking for where to buy quick trim in USA or Canada, my advice is to purchase it here at their official website. Simpler and more convenient!


The manufacturers have confined the sale of quick trim to the US, Canada and Japan at least at the moment anyway.

So if you want to buy quick trim in UK or Australia, you can buy it online at their official website here and make arrangements to have it shipped over privately. If that’s going to be problem, use this alternative product instead where worldwide shipping is available.


Will quick trim diet pills affect my sleep?

The manufacturers do not say whether sleep pattern is affected or not but we have had a close look at the quick trim ingredients and we feel that taking the quick trim diet pills may affect sleep pattern because it’s got stimulants in it.


What are the side effects of quick trim?

As much as quick trim is safe to users, there are quick trim risks that you must be aware of if you want to use the product. Some of the quick trim extreme  burn side effects reported include feeling nauseous, feeling jittery, diarroea, vomiting and headache.


When we delved further into why these side effects were happening, we figured out a common theme with some of the affected individuals - dehydration. It seemed as though not drinking enough fluids, preferably water, whilst using quick trim cleanse and burn provokes some of the side effects, so if you are going to use this product, you need to drink...adequately.


Is quick trim safe?

Well this is a thorny issue. The manufacturers say quick trim is safe and to large extent they are right, because, although quick trim is not FDA approved, the company making the product is FDA regulated. This means products put in the marketplace must be seen to be safe before being marketed.


However there have been some concerns raised in some quarters regarding safety of quick trim and quick trim extreme burn products risks.

Adriane Fugh-Berman a professor of complementary and alternative medicine at Georgetown University has for instance questioned the amount of caffeine in quick trim supplements as there is a potential for caffeine poisoning if users take regular coffee at home or at fast food shops like starbucks whilst using quick trim products.


Adriane has also expressed concern whether quick trim is safe or not, with the iso-flush preparation.

He is concerned over the ingredients of the iso-flush as they can have adverse effects on the kidneys especially when product is used for a long time. It should be stressed though that no fatality has been reported as far as quick trim risk is concerned.


Does quick trim diet pill work for men?

Yes, quick trim cleanse and burn and quick trim extreme works for both men and women, even though the endorsement is from the Kardashian sisters.


Does quick trim work?

We must emphasize that quick trim results really do vary between individuals and opinion is divided about the effectiveness of the product.

Bikini_Kim_KardashianIf you read some of the quicktrim reviews, they pay glowing tributes to the product but we choose to be different because we are independent and honest regarding whether quick trim does work or not.


Yes, there are real people who have had success with the product getting very good weight loss results with it….just like the Kardashians. Khloe Kardashian lost 25 lbs with quick trim whilst Kim Kardashian (pictured left after her weight loss on the product) lost 15 lbs on it both of which would count as very good quick trim results, hence their endorsement.

Real people like Lola Bennings who lost 10 lbs over 3 weeks after she also cut down on her calorie intake from 1600 to 1200 whilst using quick trim extreme burn.

I.Salas' weight dropped from 126 lbs to 123 in 2 weeks even though he cheated a few times according to him. He did however incorporate the suggested exercises though.


Tabitha Willete who says her baby weight is gone and says her clothes are loose on her.

Amongst those success stories of quick trim are a number of failures too and we will explain why this happens further down this page. Quick trim results are so mixed and varied that we felt it now has a reputation of “like or loathe” weight loss pill.


Looking at all the genuine quick trim customer or user reviews from a variety of sources, a picture of polarity of results emerges just like some other pills on the market.


Comments by these people below really sum up what quick trim is about.

“I am on day 5 of the diet and have lost 8 pounds, I am

very satisfied with the weight loss but haven't felt

energetic. Every workout is so hard to get through,

I have no energy and feel slightly nauseous…..”

....Stephanie Mowery from dietchoices

Leslie also had this to say:

“I used the Quick Trim burn and cleanse for a total of

the three days hoping every day for my side effects to

lessen. I don’t know what else to say except that I just

felt sick, its like it affected my whole body. 

The bathroom issues were bothersome but I was able to

stay close to a restroom"



This is one of the most in-depth quicktrim reviews on the web. We researched the web to give you most of the information you need to make a decision especially if you want to buy quick trim and to answer the question; does quick trim really work or not.


Following our research, we came to the conclusion that quick trim does work for a good number of people, and if we were to give it a score out of 10, we will score it 7.0 for effectiveness in terms of weight loss.

However, quick trim does come with a baggage that really overhangs it and that baggage is, the side effect profile. The side effects of quick trim are a real let-down.


On the whole, we discovered that a lot of people would stop using quick trim and quick trim extreme after a couple of days on account of the side effects. Consequently those individuals do not achieve their weight loss target.


Another thing we discovered too is that the people who experienced the most side effects were not drinking enough water as advised by the manufacturers. Therefore to reduce the side effects of quick trim, you need to hydrate yourself adequately throughout the day.

So, our advice is, if you are prepared to tolerate the side effects just like Kim and Khloe Kardashian did, then, by all means, go get the product. Besides at the moment if you are one of those individuals who likes the idea of quick trim discount, then you are in luck because the official website is offering a 20% discount on quick trim cleanse and burn.


After all, the manufacturers have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free and see if it's a good fit for you.


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……but, if you don’t think, you can cope with the side effects, we have reviewed another fat burning weight loss supplement on this website that is quite effective and has a better side effect profile.




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