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How To Burn 100 Calories

Burning 100 calories is a relatively easy task you will be glad to know. When you want to burn 600 or 1000 calories in one go, then you are talking of a much more demanding proposition.

However, some of us may want to start off small, get used to the idea of calorie burning in small amounts and subsequently ramp it up as time goes on.

The net effect is you get to your weight loss goal or fitness goal eventually….because every little helps.

So don’t be shy or embarrassed by the fact that you only want to know how to burn 100 calories.


How do you go about burning 100 Calories then?

The easiest way to shift this amount of calories in a relatively short time is to embark on aerobic exercises.

This is because aerobic exercises use up calories pretty quickly.
Most of these exercises will shift 100 calories within 20 to 30 minutes max especially if you intensify them. Now, go try these ones and change your lifestyle for the better.


How To Burn 100 calories Tip # 1.
Go swimming for half an hour in your local swimming pool. I’m not talking about lazing around the pool, enjoying the feel of the water on your body and chatting with friends or colleagues.

I’m talking about a good pace swimming exercises using whatever technique or swimming style that you prefer or are comfortable with.

For instance, you swim two lengths of your swimming pool which is approximately 50 yards or so and rest for about 1 minute, then do it again. You do this swimming routine about 12 times, gradually increasing your swimming pace in blocks of 3 reps. In effect, you stick to the same pace for 3 reps and gradually push up the pace after every 3 reps. Just put some passion into it!

You will be glad to know that at a swimming pace of 50 yards per minute, you will easily burn 120 calories within 15 minutes if you can do 500 yards in that time frame taking into account the rest periods. How cool is that!


Tip # 2.
Why not talk to a friend, so you have some company with you and you both do some brisk walking for just about 30 minutes within your neighbourhood. By the way you don’t have to take a friend with you. It’s just that it helps, if you’ve got a willing friend to accompany you.


How To Burn 100 calories Tip # 3.
Jump on your bike or cycle and ride for about half an hour. Oh, make sure you ride on some slopes uphill, not just on the flat. A good amount of pedalling against resistance will get you sweating and watch the calories fly off with the wind.


Tip # 4.
If this friend of yours is up to it, why don’t you suggest going for a jog. Jogging is a surefire way to move calories off your system. Indeed jogging for 30 minutes is all you need to rid your yourself of 300 calories which is more than the initial 100 calories you had in mind. Make sure you’ve got the right jogging or running shoes and matching sports gear though.


How to burn 100 calories Tip # 5.
If you happen to live near the beach or the next time you are on vacation in a resort by or near a beach, go running or brisk walking on the beach instead. Jogging or brisk walking on the beach is known to burn 30% more calories than you would if you did the same routine on hard surface like the pavement or tarmac.


Tip # 6.

If you want to be indoors, yes I know the weather can be unpredictable sometimes, try register yourself for regular ballroom dancing. Do medium pace ballroom dancing for just about 45 minutes to 1 hour and you will burning a good 400 calories with ease….
….and it could just become a habit of a lifetime.


Tip # 7.
Or if you are one the very lazy types and there are many of us out there who prefer to do the least amount of work and still get decent results, then the stepper device is your best bet.

Hop on your stepper and they are very affordable by the way (no excuses there then okay), do a good 45-minute routine. To get better results, wind up the resistance and you could burn a lot more…
….with the added bonus that the stepper is an indoor device. So no weather issues there then!


That folks, is how to burn 100 calories today and it gets easier when you want to burn even more. How? Its all here....


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