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How To Burn 1000 Calories

The thing is, every now and again we set ourselves goals and sometimes we are motivated enough to realise those goals. I have to say that burning 1000 calories in one session is a goal that requires motivation in order to hit the target.

That is not say it is hard to achieve. No, all you need is a resolve to hit the bull’s eye and it is within reach.

Physical work outs that will burn 1000 calories within one session are those that get your heart pumping real good, will make you work out a sweat and make your lungs use up oxygen at a much faster rate because all your organs will be fired up.

Which means your metabolism will be at its peak and this is what you want. A high metabolism implies the calories are flying off your body and with that, the fat too! 


So how can you burn off 1000 Calories in one session? 

As mentioned earlier, a good cardiovascular workout that fires up your heart rate, increases your oxygen demand and consequently your metabolism is what you require to reach that goal. I’m talking about good aerobic exercises.

Anaerobic exercises like weight lifting will have to take a back seat but they can be incorporated into the regime though but the emphasis has to be on the aerobic component.


The more cardiovascularly fit you are, the faster you trash those calories off your system. If you are really fit, you could be burning a good 10 to 11 calories per minute.

When you are not that fit, you will burn less than that in the beginning….and I mean “in the beginning” because the longer you persist with the workouts over time, the fitter you become.
As you become much fitter and your cardiovascular endurance improves, you will join the ranks of people who burn 11 calories a minute…easily.


To burn that level of calories, you will have to have to do your cardio workouts for a good amount of time. So our target duration will have to be a 90-minute one, not 60-minute. A 60-minute routine will at best get us to a 700 calorie target which is not where we want to be.


So, how to burn 1000 calories in the most efficient way possible?


Here are my best 3 exercises that will enable us hit the target over 90 minutes.


Exercise Type # 1.
Want to know how to burn 1000 calories? Hit the treadmill. Arguably the best cardiovascular workout machine around is the treadmill. One of the reasons why treadmills are excellent for good cardio-respiratory workout is that treadmills enable you to accurately adjust your speed to the desired level.

Essentially you will need to maintain a speed of about 6 – 7 mph for about an hour if you can handle it. Please do not push yourself too hard if you can’t physically do so. Only do speeds, your body can manage and as always, do seek the advice of a doctor first to see if you are a candidate for a work out like this, okay. Be careful!


The key to burning a lot of calories in one workout session is increasing the intensity of your exercises but as stressed earlier on, do this only within the limits of your body’s capabilities.


One technique to employ is to alternate the intensity of the routines i.e you alternate high intensity with moderate intensity. This will not only make the physical exercise a lot more tolerable but you will still end up with the same calorie-burn result.

Want an affordable yet effective treadmill? The Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill  is a nice one that fits this category.



Exercise Type # 2
Hop on the elliptical trainer. Some people think, you can’t burn a lot with the elliptical trainer or cross trainer as it is also known by. Well, those people are wrong because those calories can fall off you in a big way depending on how much effort you are willing to invest. For me this is one of my favorite methods to burn 1000 calories and it still works.


The elliptical trainer invented by Larry Miller was designed to mimic the walking or running movement whilst being stationary at the same time. The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer  is a typical elliptical triner that ticks all the boxes.

The beauty of the elliptical or cross trainer is that they are low-impact exercise machines most people can use with ease. They are very kind to the knee joints and ankles. So if you are the type who develops knee pain or discomfort with jogging or running on the treadmill, then this is the exercise equipment for you.


It doesn’t matter much what model you choose, be it rear-drive, center-drive or front-drive, they all will do the job for you. You will have both upper and lower body workout but you need to use moderate resistance and high resistance training to reach our goal and we are looking at a 90-minute workout here.


To burn 700 Calories in the first hour, do your workouts on moderate to high resistance settings, but you need to target speeds of 10 to 12 miles during that first hour. You may alternate between moderate resistance and high resistance.

Be warned again, please only do speeds which your body can handle. If you are a beginner, you are not likely going to hit that 1000 calorie loss target straightaway. Start slow and work your way up as your cardiovascular endurance improves.


Exercise Type # 3
Have you heard of the Indoor Spinning bikes? You probably have or may be not. Spinning indoor bikes have a fairly hefty flywheel at the front which mimics actual outdoor bike riding motion. The riding feeling is essentially the same as with regular outdoor bikes.

Besides, your pedalling motion is sustained i.e your foot continues to rotate even when you stop pedalling and you can actually come off the saddle to pedal as you do with outdoor bikes when you are riding uphill.

The pedals of indoor spinning cycles have been reinforced heavily enough to take your body weight when you come off the saddle to ‘power yourself uphill’ so to speak.


More importantly, as you increase the resistance which simulates riding uphill, you experience an amazing workout that burns calories significantly, but you need to sustain this ride in high resistance for at least an hour with top-up workout that will involve weight training for another 30 minutes. You should aim for speeds of around 15mph for maximum benefit. Do that and the question of how to burn 1000 calories will be answered loud and clear.


The good thing about spinning cycles is they are also gentle on the hips, knees and ankles which means the elderly can also join in the fun but seek medical advice first.

Some of the bikes are a bit pricey but the Spinner® Sport Spin Bike with 4 Spinning DVDs  is an affordable one you can pick up from Amazon.


What to do in the last 30 minutes of our 1000 calories workout session?  
You will notice that the 3 exercises I mentioned above have been recommended to last about 60 minutes but we need a 90-minute workout to hit our 1000 calorie target.

For the remaining 30 minutes of our workout session, we will incorporate anaerobic exercises in the form of weight lifting. Why don’t we do anaerobic exercises first and cardio exercises last?


This is for the simple reason that anaerobic exercises characteristically cause accumulation of lactic acid by their very nature. So if you do weight lifting first, then body will have to first metabolise the lactic acid before it starts to burn calories. Meaning your calorie burn rate will be inefficient and therefore unlikely to be on target at the end of a 90-minute routine.


To burn more calories during the weight lifting session, the technique here is to do a lot of lifting with very little rests in between. The fact that you did an initial cardio workout means you are in a position to lifts weights more rapidly without having to take long rests between sets.


We will be targeting 8 reps per set and aiming to complete each within 30 to 40 seconds in order for us to burn about 300 calories over the 30minute anaerobic workout session. 

So there you are. You now know how to burn 1000 calories in one exercise session but only do that which your body can accommodate. Don't exert yourself please. There is always tomorrow to continue from where we left off today. It is  however feasible to hit our calorie loss target with a bit of commitment and resolve to do so.


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