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How To Burn Calories Fast


If you want to learn how to burn calories fast, the first thing you need to know is that you are probably doing this for short term gains. I will explain this in a minute.

Activities that will enable you shift calories pretty quickly tend to involve some form of fast energy expenditure. Energy expended equals calories lost.

That is not to say you cannot carry out these activities in the long term. To do this in the long term means your strategy will have to be modified i.e combining a short term strategy with a long term calorie burn will earn very good results overall.


So how do you burn calories fast?

The best way to burn calories quickly is to engage in aerobic exercises. As the name suggests, aerobic exercises require good use of oxygen for them to do the job efficiently.


You also have the added bonus of achieving excellent cardio-vascular fitness in the process.

Any sort of aerobic activity embarked on can actually fire up your calorie burn rate (no pun intended).


Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Intensify quickly
There is some evidence that if you fire up the intensity of your aerobic activity like cycling, rope skipping, kick-boxing etc pretty quickly for the initial half hour of the activity after the initial warm-up (you do know you need to warm up when you exercise, don’t you?), you will burn a lot more calories and quickly too.

This is in comparison to those people who start up really slow and try to only speed up towards the end.

So the advice on how to burn calories fast is to warm up first, then accelerate the intensity of whatever activity you are engaged in for the next half hour or so, then cruise for the remainder of the activity before finally winding down.


Make it a morning routine
I know this is not always possible because of work commitments…plus you have to be a ‘morning person’ for it to be pleasurable experience.

If you can make your workout a morning routine though, then you are setting yourself up for shifting more calories faster.

Why…because, morning workouts keep your metabolic rate elevated for many hours during the course of the day even after your exercise routine is over.

A high metabolic rate sustained for hours on end means you burn more calories as the day progresses and at a much faster rate.


How about incorporating weight training?
The point is aerobic activities will help you expend calories much quicker.

That is not say anaerobic exercises aren’t good for calorie burn. In actual fact they are and you should look to incorporate them into your workout routine.

Weight training falls into the category of anaerobic exercises and it certainly does help make you shift calories in the long term.

One 'how to burn calories fast' tip though is that, you need to warm up with aerobic exercises first before you embark on your weight training routine. Your initial aerobic warm up will encourage blood flow into your muscles and joints.

Enhanced blood flow to these tissues means you can lift weights a lot more easily and you can challenge yourself to lift even heavier weights.

Go on…challenge yourself and surprise yourself.


Put a small amount of fuel into the “tank”
I know we always advice not to eat before your exercise routine…and I’m not suggesting you stuff yourself before jumping onto the treadmill.

No, that’s not the advice here.

What I’m suggesting here instead is, a small snack like a cup of yogurt or a banana or an energy bar eaten before an exercise routine will elevate your metabolic rate as your metabolic rate does jump following food consumption ordinarily.

A little snack like the ones I mention are not heavy enough to hinder your physical activity and just light enough to fire up your metabolism, further enhanced by your exercise.

Personally, I just love having a banana half an hour before I set off.

Now that we know how to burn calories fast, you may want to avail yourself of the recommended resource below for further reading. Save time and get the techniques right.


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