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Are You Searching For Lauren Goodger’s Meratol Experience?

See how this article reveals what you need to know….

If you’ve been watching the television series of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, then you’ve probably seen one of the main characters on the show by name Lauren Goodger. Even if you haven’t seen the show on TV, you can’t escape Lauren on the many magazines that grace our newsstands.

Well, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) Lauren Goodger apparently has been taking a Meratol experiment for some time now. As you probably know, being on TV means you are in the spotlight….all the time, even when the TV cameras are not there. The papparrazzis aren’t always far off.

That’s why celebrities are usually under pressure to look good all the time. For TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger, she wanted to feel more confident in front of the TV cameras, hence she decided to embark on the meratol experiment.

Lauren also wanted to feel more confident in her bikini too when the situation called for it. Lauren has always struggled with her weight as a young woman and this time she wanted something she could use in the long term.

Clearly her previous subscription to quick diet fixes hasn’t provided lasting weight loss results. It became necessary to chart a new course with meratol just like otherLauren_Goodger_Meratol celebrities like Eva Longoria, Courtney Cox and George Clooney.

So, did Lauren Goodger lose weight with on meratol carb blocker?

Well, according to reports, Lauren Goodger lost 1 stone in weight whilst on meratol slimming pill. Lauren is not a super skinny celebrity but a curvy girl (if you like that description) and that’s how she wants to remain….

….. Lauren looking good and happy in her skin as you can see on the picture to the right of your screen!

As far as Lauren Goodger is concerned, she feels comfortable with her current weight achieved whilst using meratol.

The beauty of Lauren Goodger’s discovery is that she can continue to use meratol slimming pill for her long term weight management…..just like other celebrities who swear by meratol.

We are reliably informed the official meratol website is offering free shipping and a whopping 30% discount off regular price as a promotional offer right now, so it makes sense to get in now and discover for yourself what meratol can do for your new figure….just like Lauren.



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