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Are You Looking for Proactol Plus at Boots, Holland and Barrett or Want To Know If Proactol Plus Is Available Over The Counter?


I guess you probably already know about proactol plus as an effective fat binder. Proactol plus works by binding to fat in your food making it difficult for the fat to be absorbed. This is because the fat molecules in the food after binding to proactol become too big to be absorbed, so fat reduction is achieved by up to 28%.


Proactol plus not only reduces fat absorption but it also makes you feel full for longer, thereby suppressing appetite. This way, you lose weight over time.


Given the effectiveness of proactol plus, it has become a very popular product and as such you would expect to buy proactol plus from stockist or retail stores like boots, Holland and barrett or even tesco.


As it happens, proactol stockist list does not include Holland and barrett, tescos or boots. What this means is that proactol plus will not be made available at boots, Holland and barrett or tescos.


The good news is that, although you won’t get or buy proactol plus at boots, Holland and barrett or tesco, you will be able to purchase it online from their official website.


If you have concerns regarding online purchase of proactol plus, then please be reassured that the payment processor on proactol official website is very secure.


The payment processor uses the latest encryption technology, protecting your credit card details making it arguably safer than swiping your credit card in a store. We want you to be reassured about safety of your credit card information.


If you buy proactol plus from the official site, you can have access to a variety of bonuses as well, depending on your order level and in case you are worried about shipping cost, well relax, because orders of 2 months supply and over are shipped for free.


So, it is worth your while to buy it online and you are covered by a whopping 180 days money back guarantee when you buy online with a simplified refund process.


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Is proactol plus available over the counter?

No, proactol plus is not available for purchase over the counter because the manufacturing company wishes to streamline its sales through its official website. Online purchase of proactol is the way to go if you want to lose weight with this effective fat binder.


P.S. Please enter the Discount Code Below in the relevant field when you are checking out after placing your order.



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