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Are You Looking For Cheap Proactol Plus Using Genuine Proactol Plus Discount Code or Searching For Proactol Plus In Stores?


Proactol plus is now well proven in its class as an effective fat binder. Proactol plus reduces the absorption of fat from your diet by over 27%. This means less calories are made available to be stored as fat in your tummy, hips, bum and thighs.


On this page, we have provided you with all the information you need if you are looking for cheap proactol plus which you can access through the proactol plus discount code at the bottom of this page.


We also let you know if you can get proactol plus in stores in your neighbourhood if at all possible.proactol_plus

Remember, proactol plus is now an improved formulation of the older product and has met the new stiff EU regulations for licensed use and marketing.


Proactol plus has been subjected to laboratory and human studies to ensure its safety. Indeed Proactol PLUS is now manufactured according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 quality management systems.

It's been certified as a medical device product under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe, this basically means that Proactol Plus is legally licenced to be sold in EU and other countries.


Is proactol plus sold in stores?

At the time of writing this report, proactol plus was not sold in stores. So if you are wondering where to buy proactol plus in stores, I’m sorry to say, you won’t be able to source proactol plus in your local retail stores.


However in place of the unavailability of proactol in stores, you can order or buy proactol plus today online from their official website and you will have it delivered to your door within a few days.


If you buy proactol plus online, the packaging will be discreet without any indication as to what the content is and the website payment processor is very secure and certified to be hacker safe.

So you can purchase proactol plus with confidence from their official site without any concerns.


Can I get free shipping for my proactol plus purchase?

Yes, there is free shipping for proactol plus if you buy it from their official website. Usually proactol orders of 2 months and over are entitled to free shipping and you can have express delivery too if you prefer.

The company uses DHL, UPS and Royal Mail services to ship products to their customer’s chosen delivery address.


What is the price of Proactol plus?

The price or cost of proactol plus for one month supply is $79.95 and for 2 month supply, you pay $148.95 and this entitles you to free shipping.

3 month supply of proactol plus will cost you $180.95 but this bulk buy comes with additional bonuses of free online aerobic videos, grants you access to members forum, a free box of pure acai berry supplement and of course free shipping.


Laura_Price_Before__AfterSo, how can I get cheap proactol plus?

Here is how you can get cheap Proactol plus delivered to your house today. We have managed to secure some proactol discount coupons from the manufacturers for our web visitors and you are in luck.

Go to the official website and place your order of proactol. As you proceed to check out, enter the discount code below in the relevant box.


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This should provide you with a discount enabling you to purchase cheap proactol plus and you can begin your weight loss journey.

Proactol plus has helped a lot people to lose weight given the large number of positive customer and user testimonials & feedback, and we have good reason to believe you too could become one of the many proactol success stories.




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