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Are You Looking To Buy Proactol Plus Weight Loss Pills, Searching For Proactol Plus Reviews or Just Want To Find Out If Proactol Fat Binder Does Work?


Searching for honest, independent proactol plus reviews should be your first task if you are looking to buy proactol plus weight loss pills. A good review should reveal to you if proactol plus does work or if it is just a scam, as there has been a proliferation of various diet pills in the last couple of years.


What we aim to achieve here on this page is to give you all the relevant information you need about proactol plus weight loss pills, so you can make an educated decision as to whether proactol plus is the diet pill that suits you and your weight loss plans.

So let’s get on with it…we know you are busy, right?


What exactly is Proactol Plus Weight Loss Pill?

Most individuals out there have some level of fat in their daily diet. proactol_plus

Even when you try to control the amount of fat in your diet, you can’t be too exact, because dieting is not an exact science.


The situation is worse amongst individuals who have poor levels of dietary discipline.

The more fat you eat and gets absorbed, the more the likelihood of having excess calories which ultimately translates to fat being deposited in those undesirable places – hips, bum, thighs, arms, tummy etc.


The question then arises: What if there was a way of reducing the amount of fat that is absorbed from the food you consume thereby reducing the calories derived from fat?

Wouldn't that be a good idea?


Well, that is where Proactol plus slimming pill comes in.

Proactol plus is a fat binder or fat blocker if you prefer the latter term.


How does Proactol Plus weight loss pill or diet pill work?

Proactol is a fat binder. The manufacturers have developed proactol plus to block over a quarter of the fat in your diet from being absorbed. If the fat doesn’t get absorbed, it doesn’t count towards your total calorie consumption for the day and won’t get dumped in your tummy, hips, bum, arms and thighs.


The ingredients in Proactol plus fat binder pills are natural fibres. There is a soluble component and a non-soluble component to the ingredients.


The non-soluble fibre component binds to the fat you eat to form a complex that becomes too large for the intestines to absorb it.

The soluble fibre in proactol plus diet pills by their very thick and sticky nature also does the job of making the food you consume jelly-like and viscous. The process of digesting this thicker solution is therefore slowed down and as an added bonus controls glucose absorption too.


The combination of the soluble and non-soluble fibres leads to:

  • Fat absorption reduction by over 27%
  • Slowing down of food passage time through the intestines, so you feel fuller for longer
  • Appetite suppression as you are less hungry
  • Less sugar cravings as your blood sugar is well regulated
  • Better control and lowering of cholesterol as less fat is absorbed
  • Ultimately you reduce your body weight and body weight is controlled in the long term too

What are the active ingredients of proactol plus fat binder weight loss pills?

Proactol plus ingredients are made from a 100% natural and 100% organic source. They are derived from a succulent cactus plant – the real plant source being opuntia ficus-indicus.


The fact is, proactol plus was formulated from the soluble and non-soluble fibres of this cactus plant after extensive purification process.

As part of the manufacturing process, no colourings, artificial preservatives, salt or allergens were added to the final proactol product.


Has proactol plus diet pill being subjected to any scientific studies?

Yes, you will glad to know that proactol plus diet pill has been scientifically studied to prove its effectiveness. There have been 6 pre-clinical and clinical studies involving proactol diet pill at the time of writing this proactol plus review.

In one of the studies, two groups of individuals who wanted to lose weight were randomized into proactol pill group and a placebo or dummy pill group.


Won’t bore you with the details of the study but suffice it to say that, the group that took the real proactol pill objectively had over 27% of dietary fat blocked from getting absorbed compared to the group that took the dummy pill.


Backed by this extensive level of research, development and studies, it is no surprise that proactol weight loss pill does receive a very high level of endorsement by members of the medical profession which in our experience is quite reassuring.


What are the side effects of proactol plus diet pills?

In the process of researching this product to enable us write this proactol plus review, we wanted to find out the side effects of proactol, if any.

We are glad to report that the only side effect users have reported from using proactol diet pill is slight change in stool consistency which to most individuals who want to lose weight is fairly acceptable.


Is proactol plus slimming pill safe?

As stated above, proactol plus slimming pill as at the time of writing this proactol review, has only one side effect – mild change in stool consistency. So we can conclude that proactol diet pill is 100% safe. After all, this is a fat binder product made from 100% organic, natural ingredients.

Proactol PLUS has been manufactured according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 quality management systems.

It's been certified as a medical device product under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe, this basically means that Proactol Plus is legally licenced to be sold in EU and other countries

This also implies it has been passed as safe for consumption and effective by the regulatory authorities giving us a further confidence boost about the product


Is proactol fat binder pill suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, proactol plus by the very way it was formulated is suitable for use by vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians.Procatol plus achieved Eco Certification to prove its suitability for vegetarians, if proof is needed.


Is Proactol plus slimming pill suitable for long term use?

The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to meet regulatory guidelines set by the FDA and EU authorities for dietary supplements.

Coupled with the fact that this fat binder has been made from natural ingredients, implies you can use proactol plus slimming pill for your weight management for as long as you wish.


How do I take proactol plus fat binder diet pill?

It’s simple.

Take 2 – 3 tablets of proactol diet pill after every meal (3 times a day) with a glass of water. If you are eating a high fat meal, increase the dose to 3 – 4 tablets after a fatty meal.

After you have reached your weight loss target, take 2 tablets after each meal to prevent weight gain. Take 3 tablets though if you have a fatty meal.

For long term use, 1 – 2 tablets after each meal should suffice.



Can I use proactol plus fat binder pill if I have thyroid problem?

Proactol plus diet pill should be safe to use if you suffer from either underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid disease.

The fact that the ingredients in proactol fat binder diet pills are made from pure natural products with no additives should make it safe for individuals with thyroid problems.


Can I use proactol plus fat binder slimming pill if I am diabetic?

Proactol plus being 100% natural and organic means you can use it even if you are diabetic. However because the fibres interferes with glucose absorption, means you may need to adjust your diabetic medication to prevent you developing hypos.

The net effect is that you may need lesser doses of diabetic medication which you will need to adjust with the help of your physician.


Can I take proactol fat binder pill if I am on contraception?

Yes, you can take proactol plus, if you taking the oral contraceptive pill as it does not interfere with it. You can also use proactol plus too if you are using injectable contraceptive or even implanon.


Do I need to be on a particular diet to get results from using proactol plus fat binder weight loss pill?

It is not essential to be on a diet regime for proactol plus to be effective in terms of results. You will still see results regardless of whether you are on a diet or not. The only piece of advice is you will accelerate your weight loss results with proactol if you reduce your food portions.

The manufacturers have gone that extra mile to provide you with a fabulous weight loss program when you buy proactol fat binder pills. If you follow the program, you could be looking at substantial weight loss that should improve your overall health.


How long can I start to see results with proactol plus diet pill?

Obviously, everyone is different but most people will begin to see results within days to weeks but bear in mind that results will vary between individuals.

The manufacturers treat every customer as individuals and they provide every support to enable you reach your target weight.

Your weight loss journey with proactol diet pill doesn’t have to be a lonely one by the way.

There is a support forum where you can share experiences with other users as well as support staff who will give you guidance and advice if and when you need it.

The manufacturers believe in the power of this fat binder product that they are actually backing each proactol purchase with a 6 month money-back guarantee.


What are the benefits of using proactol plus weight loss pills or slimming pill?

Well the benefits depend on how much weight you plan to lose. By blocking the dietary fat absorption by over 27% you will:

  • Lose weight enabling you to reach your target weight
  • Improve your confidence
  • Attack obesity at its very core
  • Reduce your blood pressure levels
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Prevent or control diabetes
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Improve your concentration
  • Increase energy levels

Where can I buy proactol plus online?

This product is being made available to as many people as possible all over the world. A lot of people are overweight with attendant health consequences. Proactol diet pill is one product designed to reverse this trend.

If you buy proactol plus fat binder diet pill today online, regardless of whether you live in the USA, Germany,  UK, Italy, France, Greece, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc, it will be delivered straight to your door within a couple of days.

So, if you are wondering where to buy proactol plus fat binder diet pill in the USA,  Germany, UK, Italy, France, Greece, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc, here is our advice. Our research revealed that the best place to buy the product and where you get proactol plus best price is from the official proactol plus website regardless of your country of domain and you will have it shipped to you straightaway.

It’s a worldwide delivery, everyone!

The payment processor on the proactol plus official website is very safe and secure. Your payment information are processed using the latest SSL encryption technology making your details pretty safe and really secure, so you can buy proactol plus online with confidence. It’s much easier to purchase proactol online as it is a lot more convenient.

Oh, by the way, you also get free shipping if you buy up to 2 months supply of proactol online…it gets better, doesn’t it?

Will Proactol plus diet pill or weight loss pill affect my sleep?

You will be glad to know that proactol plus diet pill does not affect your sleep pattern in any way. The ingredients are natural and organic and there no stimulants in proactol plus.


Does Proactol plus fat binder diet pill work?

One of the tasks we set for ourselves in the course of our research of this product was to establish the effectiveness of proactol plus if we were to write an honest proactol review.

Our research did reveal that proactol plus is effective when used consistently as recommended by the manufacturer.

This product is backed by scientific studies and as a result has been endorsed by top health professionals, nutritionist and fitness experts who are recognized authorities in their fields of expertise.

Proactol plus support from the medical community is based on the fact that the manufacturers subjected proactol plus to various scientific studies to prove its safety and effectiveness.

Proven to block dietary fat under Patent No 014960 and again in a double blind placebo controlled cross over study, it is hard not to fall in love with proactol plus.

The manufacturers even went a step further to prove the effectiveness of proactol plus in weight management in the real world using real world men and women in a very recent study. With over 70% achieving positive weight management, this is a report card that majority of other natural weight loss products will find envious. …even the popular ones.


Before__After_ProactolDr Ikram Abidi who is a product specialist in the pharmaceutical industry and a health fitness feature writer, backs the scientific studies proving the efficacy of proactol plus slimming pill as well as its safety profile. He feels the innovative and weight loss benefits of proactol are due to the novel organic composition and mode of action.

What about real world users? Over a million units of proactol plus have been sold worldwide and in the course of our research we encountered hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers. We reveal some reviews from real people, proactol plus users and customers who shared their results in various online communities.



Customers like Samantha Pustelnik, a mother of three (her picture on the left of the page), whose weight has yo-yoed for years. Samantha lost 35 lbs of weight whilst using proactol plus and couldn’t be happier.


Lauren Cobb was so pleased with her herself having lost 25 lbs of weight in 4 months.


Laura Price (picture below) a 22-year-old whose weight loss on proactol plus slimming pill was so astonishing, she was featured in the Daily Express, a widely read newspaper in the UK. Laura actually lost 33 kg of weight (that is 72 lbs). Whilst taking Proactol plus, Laura was losing weight at a rate of 5 – 6 lbs per week.

What a result! You couldn’t ask for more, could you?


Laura_Price_Before__AfterWhat Do I Do Next?

It is clear to us that proactol plus weight loss pill or diet pill is an effective slimming product based on our research.

The product has proven itself scientifically by reducing fat absorption by over 27%, helps suppress your appetite, balances blood sugar fluctuations with long term benefits that go beyond weight management.


Medical opinion supports the use of proactol plus slimming pill for short, medium and long term weight loss management.

More proof of procatol plus' effectiveness is provided by the hundreds of fabulous weight loss testimonials and stories we uncovered.


Our conclusion is that proactol plus fat binder is an effective weight loss or slimming pill with lots of value for its users and it’s definitely worth your time and resource.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about having that new figure that will continuously attract compliments from colleagues, friends & family, proactol plus could just be the much awaited natural weight loss tool that will bring that dream to reality.

Highly Recommended!



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