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Looking For ProShape Rx Consumer Reviews or Want To Find Out If ProShape Does Work?


Proshape rx is a diet pill introduced a couple of years ago into the weight loss market. It soon became popular on account of a huge media launch appearing on popular channels like CNN, ABC News, BBC, CBS News and magazines.

…but it’s one thing having a huge media launch and it is quite another how the product performs in real life when tested by actual users for performance.

So, you are doing the right thing if you are searching for proshape rx consumer reviews because that is one sure way to establish whether proshape rx does work or not.

Proshape rx is a diet pill whose ingredients are centered around the main ingredient, hoodia gordonii which is now a proven appetite suppressant. 7 other natural ingredients were added to the proshape rx product to further enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.

Apart from suppressing your appetite, proshape rx was developed to also reduce sugar conversion from starch, reduce bile absorption which ultimately lowers cholesterol levels and contains other natural ingredients designed to fire up your metabolism too.


Proshape rx user or consumer reviews: Does Proshape Rx Work?

Here are a couple of proshape rx consumer or customer reviews we sourced from the online community which gives an indication as to whether proshape rx does work or not.

Julia Gray a real proshape rx user said on the weightlossvote website:

“Proshape did work for me, and was quite effective in helping me to lose weight. Progress so far has been pretty good. No, I didn't lose 50 lbs in 2 weeks, but I did lose a modest 10 lbs in 1 month, which is truly awesome. I plan on using proshaperx until I lose an additional 20 lbs. Let's hope this continues!”

An anonymous user from Baltimore, Maryland posted

“Feeling great, Love this program, and I have lost 16 pounds”

another proshape rx customer posted this review on the same website.

“My name is Tara Demorest, I am 19 and have been on the proshape for two and a half weeks! In that time I have lost 15 lbs.! I have really been enjoying this, for me it is more of a lifestyle change than a "diet."

PT from Toronto also said:

“I have gone down a size I am starting to fit into my skinnier clothes!!!!”

Kalee Gilbert from New York also commented:

“I feel more energetic, and see the world more optimistically!!!”

left this proshape rx consumer review on a supplement blog

“I have just finished using proshape rx, after becoming content in my relationship I put on a lot of weight. I have used the proshape rx system for 5 months now and I am very happy with the results. The first month was slow but after that results came fast. I’m now back down to 11 stone and happy again…good stuff”


Editor’s note
: Pipmachine’s results demonstrate the fact that results from proshape rx use will vary between individuals. Vary in terms of absolute weight lost and rate of loss whilst on the product.

Colin Mander from Texas made this comment on the same online forum.

“I have lost 11 1/2 pounds in about 3 weeks”

….and finally, here is what Daniel Phillips had to say about proshape rx diet pill.

“In one week I lost over 5 pounds, I look forward to many more weeks of continuous weight loss”

Something you will see from those proshape rx customer or user reviews is that, apart from proving that proshape does work, weight loss from the product goes beyond “just losing weight” which is physical.

There are other benefits like energy surge, lifestyle change to a healthier one, getting into clothes that have been abandoned previously on account of slimmer figure which it must be said is emotionally satisfying, because you feel good about yourself. Priceless!




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