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Looking For The Ultimate Ab Workout Review Before You Buy Torso Ball?

See how this article can help you....

You know how we are all getting busier and busier everyday leaving less room for decent workouts to enable us achieve our dream of staying fit and losing excess fat?

Well we seem to have a viable solution to this seemingly never ending problem….

….say hello to the torso ball

We researched the torso ball as seen on tv to write this ultimate ab workout review, so you could get the facts before you buy the torso ball.


What is the ultimate ab workout torso ball?

The torso ball is one of the new body balls suitable for use any where both outdoors or in your home regardless of whether you have a home gym or not.ultimate_ab_workout_torso_ball

It is very light in weight which means you can actually take it around with you for use whenever or wherever you want. You can even use it in the office to relieve stress if you’ve got enough office space.


How does the ultimate ab workout torso ball work?

The torso ball is a regular body ball with handles on either side for easy grip. You grip the handles and roll the ball towards and away from your body in different directions for a good workout.

There is a sling shot power cord which is attached to offer resistance giving you a powerful total body non-impact workout.

The torso ball is designed to be used for as little as 3 – 6 minutes a day for ab development, fat loss and general fitness. The torso ball is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to shift fat off your torso to reveal the lean muscles beneath.

The ultimate ab workout as seen on tv torso ball is a good substitute for those neck-breaking, painful crunches and sit-ups that could sometimes cause back problems or make them worse if you already suffer from a bad back.

The ergonomic design is well thought through as your back is well elevated off the floor when using the torso ball. The net effect is that all the resistance is transmitted to your abs to enable you get the flat abs results you are after.

As you roll the ball, you also workout your chest, back, legs, shoulder and arm muscles toning them up effectively. What you get is a non-impact total body workout that accelerates fat burn and keeps you really fit and healthy.

When you receive your package when you order torso ball online, you will also be glad to know that no frustrating self-assembly (we are all too familiar with) is required. All you do is inflate the torso ball and you are ready to fight flab straightaway.


What’s in the package of the ultimate ab workout torso ball?

When you order the ultimate ab workout torso ball online, you will receive the following components in your package.

  • The torso ball
  • A pair of no-pain knee-pad
  • A Sling shot power cord
  • Quick air pump
  • Jerry Abbott’s fat burning guide
  • Jerry Abbott’s fat burning exercise DVD


Torso_ball_before__afterDoes the ultimate ab workout torso ball work?

In the course of our research we wanted to find out if the ultimate ab workout torso ball works or not and we are glad to report that the torso ball consumer feedback and user comments & reviews do generally point to one conclusion - the torso ball does actually work when used as recommended.

When you use the ultimate ab workout torso ball, you will feel the workout because the quality and quantity will be obvious to you. Just ask Sean R who lost 40 lbs of weight in 60 days using the torso ball!

Julie W
, the lady, whose picture is on the left of this page lost 110 lbs using the ultimate ab workout torso ball after failing to shift the fat she wanted to lose using knee lifts, sit-ups, crunches etc. She felt the torso ball was easier to use and much easier on her back too.

Michelle G
tried gym memberships and fad diets without any significant success. She turned to the the ultimate abs workout torso ball and lost 30 lbs. Couldn’t be happier!


Where can I buy the ultimate ab workout torso ball?

If you are wondering where to get, purchase or buy the ultimate ab workout torso ball in USA & Canada, your best option is to buy the torso ball online from the product’s official website without hassles.

…and at the moment the official product’s website is offering a ‘home trial’ for the torso ball and when you buy torso ball online, your purchase is covered with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now you know where you can get or buy the ultimate ab workout torso ball online with free upgrades.


What Do I Do Next?

It makes sense that a device as simple as the torso ball, can only make you achieve the ultimate ab workout because of its intuitive design. It looks so simple to use but the results are just very impressive.

To encourage prospective users to take up the offer, the manufacturer is offering some very nice bonuses that complement the torso ball so brilliantly and you will be doing your body and your health a huge favour by claiming this offer right now.

To sweeten the deal, they are also offering a home trial for a ridiculously low cost which as mentioned earlier is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. This way, you can try the torso ball risk-free.

Highly Recommended!



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